Conference Room in Pearl Hotel

The hotel Pearl is located in the heart of the city. Our beautiful resort in Dhaka offers outstanding scenery with a peaceful atmosphere. People will feel warmly welcomed here. Your mind will experience a sense of refreshment as a result of the contemporary pleasure.

The good news for business owners is that Pearl Hotel has a unique blend of classic, spacious and modern conference rooms, allowing you to conduct professional business meetings. This space can help your sessions operate more smoothly. This place is quiet and suitable for a professional setting.

Conference Room for a Business Meeting

Why Hotel’s Conference Room is Best for a Business Meeting?

Any upscale hotel or resort must have well-equipped conference and meeting rooms. This is due to the fact that conferences and corporate events are becoming more popular.

Most hotel conference rooms come equipped with high-quality technology and equipment that you can rely on to deliver the messages you need. You don’t have to bring or set up heavy equipment on-site.

A hotel's conference room is an excellent venue for a business meeting. Clients and coworkers can get together here. It's beneficial when the hotel is centrally placed with strong transport facilities.

Features of Pearl Hotel’s Conference Room

Appropriate Seating: Meetings can go on for a long time, and sitting in uncomfortable chairs would make it even worse. We ensure that the chairs are sturdy and comfortable so that the attendees can remain seated throughout the duration of the meeting. Our conference room is suitable for 12 people.

Pearl Hotel’s Conference Room

Projector and whiteboards: A projector system and a whiteboard are two important features of a conference room. At pearl hotel’s conference room, you can show presentations on the projection screen, and you can write down important points from the meeting on the whiteboard.

High-Speed Wi-Fi: Our conference room is equipped with a high-speed Internet connection. During the meeting, you and other attendees will be able to surf the Internet and collaborate simultaneously.

Video Conference System: Conference meetings may also necessitate international phone calls. In addition to a Wi-Fi connection, you need a video conferencing system for this. Our technology for video conferencing lets you talk to team members in different countries.

Outstanding audio equipment: When you are planning a conference, some of the most important things to have are a surround sound speaker system, a microphone, and so on. We help you get in touch with your attendees in a clear way so that your meeting goes smoothly.

Fully Air-conditioned: You will find this room fully air-conditioned

Trained guide: There will be 2 experienced and well-trained guides to assist you to run your meeting smoothly.

These are the common features of the conference room of the Pearl Hotel.

Conference Room Reservation cost at Pearl Hotel

The Pearl Hotel has the most effective and top-class conference room facility available, and the rates are very reasonable. Our top priority is to ensure you have a safe and satisfying experience while doing business meetings here. Here you can reserve the conference room anytime as it costs only 15K.

Conduct Your Business Meeting Here

When looking for a good conference room in Dhaka, business owners should consider the Pearl Hotel. You will appreciate the professional setting, and flexibility here.
Your meeting will go off without a hassle thanks to our expertly trained staff. Contact us now at +880963-870-7070 for a reservation. You can click here to know more details or make a reservation.