Private Lounge Pearl Hotel

Private Lounge in Pearl Hotel

A lounge is a public waiting room that is usually found in hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, and other public places. Here, one can sit comfortably and relax for a while. Food and drinks are served, and there may also be live music. It is a suitable place for a night of casual, minimal enjoyment. This place is especially suitable for travelers, friends, or family gatherings.

The Pearl Hotel is situated in the heart of the city. The beautiful resort that we have in Dhaka is known for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery. People will feel like they are very welcome here. Your mind will feel refreshed as a result of the enjoyment of an advanced source of pleasure. The Pearl Hotel offers a gorgeous, spacious, top-level, well-decorated private lounge for its guests.

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Why do People Choose a Private Lounge?

People are kept extremely busy with the activities of their daily lives. People typically have the desire, on the weekend, to spend quality time with their friends or families in a setting that is relaxing. The private lounge is the ideal location for resolving such issues.

Travelers and visitors coming from a variety of nations, cities, and towns are welcome to take a break in a private lounge for a period of time and enjoy their meal while looking out onto an open terrace.

Business owners also choose this type of place where conference room and private lounge is facilitated. Here they are able to hold any kind of business meeting here, and afterward, they can provide the attendees with a meal.

Available Facilities of Private Lounge at Pearl Hotel

Enough space for dining: It is essential to provide guests with access to a self-service food area within the lounge space. At Pearl hotel, around 30 people can sit dining in together and it will cost 4k per hour.

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Space for sleeping/ rest: A sleeping or rest area is a standard feature of most lounges. This hotel is facilitated with this feature.

Hexagon rooftop restaurant: This area seems to have enough space for up to 40 people to relax together or consume their meals while enjoying the view of the terrace. It will cost around 20k.

Spa: Our massages and spa treatments are the best way to ease into a getaway or relax a bit after a long day at work.

Gym: Our perfect lounge features a gym. Fitness-conscious people can work out here.

Conference room: Here, owners of businesses are able to host their company meetings while their families relax and enjoy our exclusive lounge area.

Coffee shop: A well-decorated coffee shop is also available at pearl hotel.
Wi-fi access: Our private lounge is facilitated with free Wi-Fi throughout the premises.

Choose the Private Lounge at Pearl Hotel

When looking for a good, modern private lounge in Dhaka, people should consider the Pearl Hotel. You are going to really enjoy the atmosphere, the available facilities, and the versatility of this place.

You can spend quality time with your closest people here without a hassle thanks to our expertly arranged area. To make a reservation, please call us at +880963-870-7070 right away. You can access further information by clicking on this link.